Lextech Labs enters into business agreement with Verizon Wireless

Lextech Labs, which provides surveillance system owners with the ability to remotely monitor their systems via a mobile device, announced Friday that it has entered into a business agreement with Verizon Wireless.

Under the agreement, users of the company’s iRa C3 product will now be able to access live and recorded video footage from their surveillance systems using a smartphone or tablet device running on the Verizon 3G and 4G networks.

While there are other comparable solutions on the market, Bryan Schromsky, associate director of federal government data solutions for Verizon Wireless, says this offering makes it "easier" for customers to view their video feeds.

"This service offering allows for easy integration and simple installation on readily available commercial devices, such as the new Apple iPhone 4 (for Verizon Wireless), BlackBerry Bold and Curve and soon to be released iPad2," he explained.

Schromsky added that the Verizon network addresses such issues as "network speed, low latency and reliability" which he said "are cornerstones when it comes to viewing video in a mobile environment."

According to Schromsky, the service is currently available to customers.