Analytics update from ASIS 2009

Technology becoming cheaper, more widely deployed

The company, which has raised nearly $12 million in funding in the last two months alone, was recently awarded a large contract by a hotel in Asia to help protect its guests.

“I think that besides functionality, where real innovation needs to occur are on things that will make analytics cheaper, better and easier-to-use,” said Ed Troha, managing director of global marketing for ObjectVideo.

Troha said that the company is beginning to see more traction in its OV Ready program. ObjectVideo now integrates with over 28 VMS and PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) providers. Troha echoed the sentiments of others in the space who said that there has been an uptick in sales of analytics for non-security applications.

In a recent deployment for a large retailer, the company used ObjectVideo analytics determine why one store’s sales were off from another.

The result of the economic downturn, according to Troha, is that people are looking to get the most of what they’ve already got.

“As a consequence, users are looking for more business intelligence functionality,” he said.