TopEyeView's Surveillance Blimp Gives LiveNation a Bird's-Eye-View of Madonna's LA Dodger Stadium Concert

LOS ANGELES , Nov. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- As Madonna fans gathered for the November 6, 2008 Sticky & Sweet concert performance at Los Angeles Dodger Stadium, LiveNation(R) security personnel got a bird's-eye-view of the entire crowd and venue with the help of TopEyeView, providers of a real-time video-streaming blimp used for surveillance, monitoring and broadcasting.

TopEyeView is a 30-foot long, tethered, low-pressure helium blimp delivering "eye in the sky" remote controlled video directly to and from any command and location. The most efficient video streaming aerial surveillance solution, TopEyeView deploys to a high vantage point, captures and streams broadcast-quality video, and delivers a wide view at less than 10 percent of the cost of current solutions, such as helicopter-based video. The system's small size and simplicity allows operations in congested areas where no other aerial system can be operated.

"TopEyeView is the ideal way for us to get views from above when monitoring a large venue such as Dodger Stadium," said Scott Nicols , chief security officer, LiveNation. "TopEyeView's ability to cover long distances from any location with exceptional, broadcast-quality optics and image resolution makes this an outstanding choice for an outdoor event such as this."

Because the blimp deploys quickly to a high vantage point, captures and streams broadcast-quality video, and is environmentally friendly, organizations ranging from broadcasters, entertainment and sporting event managers, and law enforcement agencies have deployed the solution. Earlier this summer, TopEyeView flew above the finish line of the 39th Annual Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta, Georgia to help the Atlanta Police Department more cost-effectively monitor the largest choke point of the race -- in and around the finish line.

"Currently, getting a view from above when monitoring a public event requires costs reaching into thousands of dollars per hour -- with coverage limited by flight platform and field of vision," said Tamir Sagie , CEO of TopEyeView. "Our solution provides numerous advantages related to public safety and security, while enabling significantly increased efficiency and use of environmentally-friendly resources."

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