Aventura Holdings files to publicly offer common stock

Aventura Holdings, a Florida-based holding company formerly involved in the voice over IP space and now involved in digital video recording and remote storage, announced today that it has registered to publicly offer common stock to investors. The registration was made with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and awaits SEC approval. The company's stock trades on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board.

According to Aventura Holdings CEO Craig Waltzer, the company is already a public firm, and the offer of additional common stock to investors will help the firm raise money as it seeks to expand the market adoption of its DVR technology and remote video surveillance storage technology.

"We are taking our technology out on our own and this [offering] will help fund this expansion," said Waltzer.

Waltzer notes that the Aventura Holdings is not the same as Aventura Technologies, a New York-based technology company with which they had previously partnered and which they had previously expressed an interest in acquiring. Aventura Technologies offers cameras, DVRs, NVRs and other such systems for CCTV surveillance.

In September, Aventura Holdings subsidiary Video Stream Inc. rolled out a 64-channel IP streaming server to support video surveillance. The server used the H.264 video compression protocol. The company's current direction, and one in which Waltzer sees the potential of very strong growth, is to facilitate off-site, remote video storage. That 64-channel server, he noted, allows video to be compressed and directed to off-site NVRs for remote storage and management.

He notes that the H.264 compression protocol that the company uses is ideal for compressing and sending video surveillance to off-site servers and storage devices. The company, he said, is in the process of developing a facility to provide remote, redundant storage for the video.

Funding from this stock offering, said Waltzer, also helps the company deliver both the software that runs on DVRs and NVRs as well as the hardware itself.

"A lot of the mistakes out in the marketplace have to do with where hardware interfaces with software. We don't want to just be a software company providing the software for the DVRs," said Waltzer.

Aventura Holdings' subsidiaries include Video Stream Inc., which would offer the recording hardware and remote storage capabilities to high-end clients such as the government, banks, casino and transportation organizations. The company's other subsidiary is Amex Security Inc., which would offer the peripheral devices such as cameras. Although the company trades as Aventura Holdings, Waltzer notes that the names recognized in the industry will be those of the two subsidiaries.