Skimming device found on ATM at Florida Publix

OCOEE, Fla. --

At a busy Publix store, an identity thief put a skimming device on an ATM. Police aren't even sure how many victims may have had their bank information stolen.

WFTV has been reporting an increasing number of skimming devices set up on ATMs all over Central Florida. The latest was on the machine at the Publix store on South Maguire Road in Ocoee

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A store manager found the device Thursday. Publix told WFTV checking the outside of stores is part of Publix's daily protocol and that would, of course, include checking the ATM on the outside of store like the one on Maguire Road.

Customers at the Ocoee Publix had the green light to use the store ATM Friday, but frequent ATM users might still want to check their statements after a skimming device was removed from the ATM on Thursday.

“I was very concerned,” Publix customer Margaret Cox said. “But I was also very proud of Publix employees for noticing that.”

The skimmer, which collects personal account information, was discovered during a daily check of the ATM. Employees don't believe the device was there the day before and a local security expert told WFTV the devices are usually attached for only a few hours.

Thieves usually install two pieces of equipment, one to steal your ATM number and the other device to steal your pin number.

“Identity theft, I'm aware of that and I'm afraid of it,” Publix customer Steve Chin said, adding that he never uses an ATM.

If you're not ready to swear off ATM use, experts recommend you get familiar with the appearance of your ATM and pay close attention to the card reader. Note if the flashing indicator for the card entry isn’t visible.

Ocoee police are still working with Publix in the hope of finding a picture of the suspect.

“In a retail business, unfortunately, crime is part of the environment. And we're doing all we can to fend off criminal activity," a Publix store spokesman told WFTV

“It's just something we have to look out for, pay attention,” Publix customer Kurt Ardaman said.

An ATM or debit card doesn't afford you the same protection as a credit card, so you need to notify your bank within 48 hours of a problem or you could be held liable for the first $50 in transactions.

'Skimmer' Found On ATM At Ocoee Publix

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