Identity Force launches Merchant Protection Program

In honor of National Consumer Protection Week, Identity Force, a provider of identity theft solutions for the government and private sector, announced this week that it is launching the Merchant Protection Program.

"Most small businesses just don't have the time, knowledge or resources to effectively manage identity protection for their business, customers and employees," Identity Force CEO Steve Bearak said in a prepared statement. "Since we already work with many of the agencies associated with National Consumer Protection Week, we wanted to support their efforts by launching this cost effective identity theft solution for businesses."

By enrolling in the program for as low as $10 a month, businesses that handle personally identifiable information will receive a compliance review and a risk assessment, as well as fraud protection employee training, updated policy recommendations, compliance updates, network scanning, access to fraud specialists, and a $50,000 service guarantee in the event of security breach. Certified merchants will also receive seals for display in their businesses that will let customers know that they have agreed to adhere to these practices.

"Consumers are now well informed to look for a trusted seal when making an online purchase. We hope to provide that same uniform expectation when looking for a trusted brick and mortar business with our certified seal," Bearak added.