ANSI announces online standards course

Constituents looking to learn more about the voluntary consensus standards system are encouraged to take a new online course module offered by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI): An Introduction to Standards: Why, where, and how are they developed?

The module, a pre-requisite for ANSI instructor-led courses, provides a brief overview of standards, defining types as well as key definitions and terms. It also details ANSI’s role in the standardization process. Additionally, the process by which ANSI participates in the international standardization arena is covered, along with an overview of regional and international organizations.

Material in the course is divided into the following modules:

- Introduction to Standards
- ANSI’s Role in U.S. Standardization
- ANSI’s Role in International Standardization

After completing the online course, participants are invited to take a quiz on what they learned to test their newfound knowledge. Certificates of Completion of the course are available upon request to Lisa Rajchel (

The course is available for $25 on ANSI’s webstore. Upon request, it is also available free of charge to universities for use in course curricula. Please contact Lisa Rajchel ( for details.