ADS Security launches pet safety initiative for alarm customers

Pets are big business. Just ask pet goods retailer PetSmart, which sold $1.4 billion worth of pet-related goods in the second quarter of 2010 alone!

Now it seems that Nashville, Tenn.-based ADS Security, which provides burglar and fire alarm systems and monitoring, video surveillance and access control to homes and businesses primarily in the Southeast, has recognized that what is good for pets is good for business. And the security installing and monitoring company thinks it has the "purrfect" solutions to improve pet safety.

The firm announced its "PAWS Pet Safety Program" this week to its customers. The "PAWS" (Pet Alert & Watch System) provides pet rescue decals for customers to affix to door entrances to let first responders know about pets inside the home when responding to fire and carbon monoxide types of events.

The company notes that it also offers solutions for "pet cams" to help owners watch over their animals while away from home. Additionally, the company says that its fire and carbon monoxide monitoring solutions can improve pet safety. Finally, the company has set up a customer information page where the alarm customer can build "profiles" for their pets. ADS Security says that the database "stores vital pet information on file that can be communicated to fire officials during a rescue effort to help ensure pet safety in the event of a home fire."

More info on ADS Security's PAWS program is available at and the company has a brochure on the program available for download.