H.I.S.S. buys DirectView

Homeland Integrated Security Systems has completed its acquisition of DirectView Video Technologies, a provider of conferencing solutions that include video, audio, data and IP video conferencing.

All 100 percent of DirectView's assets are now under the H.I.S.S. umbrella, and the company brings aboard such past and present clients as the Trump Organization, Burger King and Marriott Hotels

H.I.S.S. CEO Roger Ralston said the purchase demonstrates that the company is changing the business model as it pursues technology companies in emerging market areas.

"We're thrilled that we have completed the acquisition DirectView Video Technologies' assets and we intend to place them in an operating profit center to continue to provide state-of-the-art video services. This acquisition marks the beginning of a new era for Homeland Integrated Security Systems as we restructure our business model to include emerging technology companies and begin to open up our product line to new global markets," said Ralston.