Fluidmesh announces new transmission protocol

Wireless transmission solutions provider Fluidmesh Networks announced this week that it has developed a new intelligent transmission protocol dubbed “Prodigy,” which it will now begin integrating into all of its products.

According to a statement issued by the company, Prodigy, which can transmit any IP-compatible traffic, was developed over the past two years with the goal of overcoming the limitations of standard, license-free wireless solutions.

"We were able to improve the performances of the existing video-optimized Fluidmesh protocol and extend its advantages to any type of IP traffic. At the base of the new protocol there is a traffic optimization algorithm that allows every Fluidmesh device to assign a specific level of priority and reliability to every packet transmitted in the network," said Alessandro Erta, R&D director of Fluidmesh. "This process allows the wireless network to automatically adjust its parameters based on the type of traffic sent across with a much higher accuracy compared to a standard QoS. The overall result is a better, more reliable, multi-service wireless infrastructure."

In addition to Prodigy, Fluidmesh also announced its market expansion plans in the wireless infrastructure space, making its products available for the cellular backhauling, Wi-Max backhauling, WISP backhauling, VoIP backhauling, smartgrids, SCADA, and public transportation sectors. For more information about Fluidmesh, visit www.fluidmesh.com.