Ohio daycare receives terror threat


Security guards are standing watch outside a local child care center, after officials said someone threatened a terrorist attack.

The threat came in the mail to the KinderCare on North Dixie Drive in Butler Township.

On Wednesday everyone was on alert after the threat came in Tuesday's mail.

Parent Jonathan Scott said, " I think it's pretty crazy that people would do something like that."

Scott was among many parents who decided to keep their children at school Wednesday despite the threat.

Staff notified parents on Tuesday that the letter referenced children dying in a 9-11 style attack.

This was the second letter of its kind to arrive at an Ohio KinderCare in the past week. The first note was addressed to a Kindercare in Fairfield Township on Friday.

At the local KinderCare, a security guard was posted outside the door on Wednesday.

Teachers would not comment on the threat. However, corporate officials confirmed that the letters to both the Fairfield Township and Butler Township schools were very similar.

"We do believe the letters were sent around the same time and while KinderCare was not named specifically in the letters, there was enough threatening language towards children that we took it very seriously," said corporate spokesperson John Fread.

In addition to the security, KinderCare also changed their door locks.

Other sister schools have been put on alert.

Butler Township police confirmed there is an ongoing investigation but would not comment on the details. The offense report however, lists the case as an inducing panic investigation.

Fread said, "We have these security measures in place and if there's any reason that we need to change or adapt it, then by all means we will do that."

Johnathan Scott is just relieved that authorities are taking an urgent approach to the case. Scott said, "That puts a smile on my face to let me know that somebody cares out there."