Software House signs distribution agreement with Codebench

Florida-based Codebench announced Monday that Software House has signed a distribution agreement to sell the company’s PIVCheck Product Suite.

According to a statement issued by Codebench, PIVCheck Plus, a cardholder validation solution, has been integrated with Software House’s C-Cure 800/8000 and C-Cure 9000 access control and event management systems, which will provide end-users three-factor authentication and biometric matching.

"PIVCheck’s integration with Software C-Cure systems will help end-users quickly and efficiently comply with HSPD-12 and the TWIC program," Codebench CEO Geri Castaldo said in the statement. "Our PIVCheck product suite gives facility operators the flexibility to continue using their current C-Cure system, access cards and readers, or to migrate to PIV-enabled cards and readers over time."