Report: Security concerns to drive growth in digital CCTV system market

A new report out this week from market research firm Frost & Sullivan predicts that heightened security concerns among public and private entities will spur growth in the digital video surveillance market.

In addition, the report, “Advances in Digital Video Surveillance and Optical Security Systems,” finds that CCTV systems remain or in even in some cases or becoming easier to use, despite the fact that they have become more sophisticated with advances in IP and analytics technology.

As government and private sector security budgets increase, the report says that so to will the number of cameras being deployed and not just in the traditional since, but in emerging applications such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

"The world is witnessing an escalation of grave terror attacks as well as threats, increasing the urgency to develop reliable and secure defense mechanisms," said analyst Avanti Chitnis in a prepared statement. "Video surveillance has proved to be an effective crime deterrent and is being globally adopted by security and law enforcement agencies."