SIA supports use of biometrics for E-Verify program

The Security Industry Association is endorsing a proposal that would utilize biometric solutions as part of the federal government’s E-Verify program which is designed to confirm an individual’s legal work status after their employment.

The proposal is part of immigration reform legislation introduced earlier this year by several democratic senators.

In a statement, the SIA said it supports the use of biometrics in the E-Verify program as a way to reduce error rates and increase privacy for job applicants.

"The federal government must ensure that the employee information entered is protected and bound to the correct employee," SIA said in the statement. "Biometric authentication is a strong means to identify potential illegal workers as well as prevent fraud and identity theft. Biometric authentication of the employee also provides an audit trail to help safeguard against system abuse or breach by employers accessing the system. With more than 182,000 employers enrolled and 1,200 more enrolling every week, the time to implement this technology is now."

Click here to download a PDF version of SIA’s statement.