Former Washington Lobbyist, Bank CEO Launch Corporate and Investment Advisory Firm

WASHINGTON , Nov. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Ian Reid , LLC, a strategic consultancy, announced today the launch of its corporate and investment advisory services firm. Headquartered in Washington, DC with partnerships in New York , Houston , Los Angeles , San Diego , London and Spain , the firm offers business consulting and advisory services with an emphasis on providing innovative solutions and relationships for companies and investment institutions with interests in the mechanics of the federal government, banking/financial services and emerging markets. Advisory areas include political intelligence and sector research, private equity and sovereign wealth fund investment and government marketing.

Ian Reid was created to address the need for companies and institutions to navigate an increasingly complicated web of public and private sector challenges in order to complete major transactions and increase investor and shareholder value. The firm's sector focus includes homeland security, global corporate supply chain protection, risk management and efforts relating to the U.S. Department of Treasury's - Troubled Asset Relief Program or "TARP." The firm's principals bring a wealth of business, legislative and policy experience in advising the world's largest corporations on delicate commercial and political issues and offer a hands-on approach to developing effective strategies that go beyond conventional wisdom and create a path for growth.

"In this time of uncertain economic and shifting political climate, successfully completing major transactions, especially those with national security or global trade implications, will not be achieved via traditional means," said Jarvis C. Stewart , chairman and managing partner of Ian Reid and former federal lobbyist. "Business and industry leaders will need highly skilled and experienced professionals that can identify and navigate government, financial markets and increased business development. Our experience and relationships enable us to think strategically and advise clients on a wide-range of growth strategies and to provide informed counsel regarding current financial and political trends."

Mr. Thomas Batties , a veteran banking and financial services executive and lawyer joins Stewart in this venture as Managing Director. Throughout his 26-year professional career, Mr. Batties has been a bank chief executive officer, General Counsel, and a federal bank regulator. He has been intimately involved in more than 300 mergers and acquisitions and has raised more than $2.5 billion in capital for investments in banks, real estate and other industries. As a transactional lawyer, he has advised companies on restructuring strategies like those relating to the Resolution Trust Corporation or ("RTC").

Current Ian Reid clients include a global cargo security firm, a "green" alternative power company with defense and homeland security solutions, a global investment banking and asset management firm interested in penetrating Treasury's TARP initiative and a real estate investment fund looking to expand its current portfolio.

About Ian Reid , LLC

Ian Reid is a Washington, DC -based strategic consulting firm with an emphasis on assisting companies and investment institutions manage the public policy, regulatory and capital market terrain. Core practice areas are political intelligence and sector research, private equity and sovereign wealth fund investment consulting, and government marketing.

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