Security, telecommunications firms form Secure City Technology Alliance

To better promote the development of interoperable security and public safety solutions for cities, a group of companies from the security and telecommunications industries have joined together to form the Secure City Technology Alliance (SCTA).

Among the founding members of the alliance include: BelAir Networks, Benbria, Bridgewater Systems, DragonWave, March Networks, Mitel, Solace Systems and the Wesley Clover Group of Companies.

"We are seeing increasing global interest in these types of secure city initiatives, as governments begin to modernize their telecommunications and security infrastructure. In response, we have formed SCTA to bring together best-of-breed telecommunications and security suppliers for integrated city surveillance solutions that are fast to deploy, reliable and easy to manage," said Peter Strom, president and CEO of SCTA member March Networks in a statement. "We look forward to working with our partner members to introduce these innovative solutions to our markets and help our customers maximize the potential of their IP video surveillance networks."

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