Boeing makes foray into security space

Boeing, a company known for its work in the aerospace and defense industries, is entering the commercial security market with the release of two new products this week at ISC West.

The new products are new versions of the company's command and control software known as the Virtual Security Operations Console (VSOC), which has been implemented by the federal government in select deployments for a number of years.

According to J.T. Thompson Jr., global security solutions and intelligence & security solutions for Boeing, the company is always looking for new markets and the commercial security sector seems ideal for the VSOC platform, which includes the two newest iterations, VSOC Responder and VSOC Smart Building, as well as the existing VSOC Sentinel and VSOC Virtual Shield.

Thompson said the VSOC software creates a "high-fidelity," three dimensional model of an area of interest.

Not only does VSOC hold the potential to increase airport security, which only further helps Boeing's cause, but it also presents another marketplace where the company can distribute its products.

"Global security is our goal and Boeing thinks that (the commercial security market) is a growth engine for us," Thompson said.

Upwards of 30 companies are already interested in becoming channel partners for the VSOC software, according to Thompson. Also, since they are sensor independent, those installations that want to use existing security devices with the Boeing software can do so without a problem.

"Our strongest selling point is that our customers can use their legacy systems," Thompson said. "That is a big deal. No one wants to go out and buy something they don't need."

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