ASIS names 2009 Accolades winners

ASIS International announced the first 10 winners of its new Accolades awards competition on Tuesday. The program recognizes the most innovative security products and services in the industry.

According to statement issued by the non-profit organization, the more than 130 entries were evaluated by a team of judges, which represented end users and other experts in security technologies.

Among the winners for this year’s Accolades awards and their respective products include:

• Alert Enterprise – AlertAction
• BRS Labs – AISight
• OnSSI – Occularis Physical Security Information Management Platform
• Optelecom-NKF – Siqura TrafficServer
• RCI Rutherford Controls – EW8310 Early Warning – Electromagnetic Lock
• Scallop Imaging – Digital Window D&-180 camera
• Spectrum San Diego – CarSCAN
• TimeSight Systems – TimeSight Intelligent Networked Video Recorder Systems with Motion Optomized Recording
• Trigion – BeWare
• Universal Safety Response – Expeditionary Mobile Barrier

The winners will be recognized during a seminar luncheon later this month at ASIS 2009.