Conn. bill would require carbon monoxide detectors at schools

HARTFORD, Conn. --

State lawmakers discussed a bill Tuesday that would require schools to have carbon monoxide detectors.

The proposed law comes from state lawmakers representing Waterbury, where earlier this winter 30 students were sent to the hospital because of carbon monoxide poisoning.

State Rep. Danny Rover, D- Putnam, said he’s in favor of the bill but wondered who would pay for it.

“It’s not a bad idea, in fact I think we should do it, but I think the state has to stop mandating things on all the municipalities," Rover said.

The carbon monoxide detectors installed Waterbury at schools are consumer grade. The city has a long range plan to have them integrated into the commercial smoke and burglar alarm systems already in place. The district is estimated to spend $55,000 on the plan.

If enacted, the bill would also require the detectors be routinely tested and inspected to ensure that they work properly.