Super Circuits shows new products, dealer program at ISC East

Super Circuits (also known as S|C) is here at the 2008 ISC East show in New York and the staff is busy recruiting resellers/dealers for their Super Circuits “Black” dealer program. I caught up with Super Circuits President and CEO Mark de L. Thompson and East Business Development Manager Steve Bassett to get an eye on their product line-up and their ongoing dealer program.

First off, let's talk new products. Super Circuits has launched a new web-based access control system. It gives the end-user access to a web-based interface to the panel and to the event information, meaning there is no client software needed. According to Thompson, device integration is quite simple and limits the requirements of programming at the panel. The "programming", said Thompson, really is about setting up the unique user settings. That roll-out of a web-delivered access control system really marks Super Circuits as moving deeper into a broader range of physical security systems.

Now, let's talk about the dealer program. As many of you know, Super Circuits is perhaps best known for their massive security and electronics catalog read by pros and consumers alike. That catalog goes out to a huge audience, and Thomson is quick to note that the catalog is an entirely different business operation than the S|C Black dealer program.

Asked about how the dealer program is unique, Thompson clarified that it is a different product line offered (the catalog products are more DIY focused, as opposed to the professional grade products offered in their dealer program). He said the product line really is exclusive to their dealers and is much more high-end than the security equipment you might find via their catalog sales. Bassett added that the products offered in the dealer program really have the dealers and their installers in mind.

"The cameras come with every installation option in the box," said Bassett, "so you're not out in the field and having to go back and order something you forgot."

Additionally, the dealer program allows camera products to be private labeled if the integrator/dealer so wishes to put their own logo on the devices. Finally, Bassett and Thompson also noted that they're heavily involved in helping generate leads for their dealers and then turning over all those leads to the dealers.

"We simply don't do installations," added Bassett.