Proposed monitoring tax dies in Virginia legislature

A piece of legislation brought before the Virginia General Assembly that would have placed a monthly tax on monitored security and fire alarm systems has been defeated.

The legislation, which would have required alarm monitoring companies to collect a $2 fee on each system that it tracks, passed the Senate earlier this month, but died in a House subcommittee on Friday, according to a statement issued by the Security Industry Association.

Though the bill, dubbed the “Line of Duty Act,” was intended to help finance a benefits trust fund for police, firefighters and other state workers disabled while performing their jobs, critics say it was merely a way to help the state generate tax revenue under the guise of a good cause.

"While the cause of supporting some of the union efforts may sound laudable, it’s just an example of another tax that is being placed on more and more people. Where does it stop," said Central Station Alarm Association Executive Vice President Steve Doyle in a previous interview with SIW. "It’s is becoming all to easy for states and municipalities in this country to all sit back and say how do we collect more revenues from more people. At what point have you over milked the cow?"