The security week that was: 09/10/10 (9 years after 9-11)

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Video network design, new privacy software for body scanners, PSA to offer financing program, more

Bosch Security Systems’ David Brent discusses video network architecture and iSCSI storage  in a column this week on SIW and how it could affect organizations that treat it as regular data. ... With the outcry over worries that airport screeners are ogling at travelers' private parts, the manufacturer of body scanning systems at the nation’s airports has developed a software upgrade for the machines that will only show a generic figure and not a passenger’s body parts. ... PSA Security Network, the membership organization for systems integrators, has partnered with Integrator Support and Susquehanna Commercial Finance to offer a project financing program to reduce the sticker shock of big security installations. ... As reports swirl this week about a Florida pastor that plans to burn Qurans on the anniversary of Sept. 11, a group whose participants include several members of the 9/11 commission, warn that the government is not paying proper attention to the threat posed by homegrown terrorists.