SIA develops privacy guidelines for security solutions

The Security Industry Association announced this week that it has developed a new 12-item privacy framework to address privacy concerns related to the use of recorded surveillance video, and the gathering of personal information for use in biometric, RFID and other security technologies.

Among the 12 guidelines that are a part of the privacy framework include; conducting privacy impact assessments; limiting access to personally identifiable information within an organization; and, adopting a security breach notification plan.

"While security without privacy is possible, privacy without security is impossible," said Kathleen Carroll of HID Global, who serves as chair of the SIA Government Relations Department’s State & Local Policy Working Group. "SIA has taken a significant step forward in providing guidelines as to how responsible protection of personal privacy can be practically applied throughout the security industry. HID Global is proud to have actively participated in the development of the Privacy Framework and is committed to offering secure identity solutions that adhere to the privacy protection principles laid out in the document."

To view the entire "privacy framework," visit the SIA’s website at