Illinois bill to allow fire protection districts to regulate fire alarm installation, monitoring

A bill that would allow fire protection districts in Illinois to regulate how fire alarm monitoring equipment is installed, monitored and maintained was formally introduced last week in the state legislature.

HB 1301 would also allow fire protection districts to establish their own monitoring centers. Click here to read the bill's full text.

According to the legislation:

A district may also acquire, maintain, and mandate the use within all or a portion of the district of equipment and facilities to establish and operate a wireless radio network or other network connected to a remote station or fire board maintained or otherwise provided by or for the district, and establish reasonable fees in relation thereto.

The Illinois Electronic Security Association is vehemently opposed to the legislation and has released a fact sheet laying out its arguments against it.

"The bill introduced seeks to legitimize a practice that is anti-competitive, dangerous, and that has been declared illegal by a federal court," IESA said in a statement "The primary motivation of the proposed bill is to take over an area of private business that took over a hundred years for private industry to build. It is a revenue booster for fire districts. It does not, however, improve response time or increase firefighter safety. As such, HB 1301 should be rejected."

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