LPRC launches Benefit Denial Working Group

The Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) announced this week that it has launched a new Benefit Denial Working Group (BDWG) to help develop solutions that would render products useless unless they are purchased legitimately.

The LPRC is asking other retailers, OEMs and technology manufacturers to take part in the group. According to a statement, the working group is currently made up of over 12 retail chains including Best Buy, Walmart, OfficeMax, and Lowe’s.

"Group members have defined benefit denial as a system or technology designed into, or applied to retail products that prevents anyone from gaining the value or use of the product without first making a legitimate purchase," said Read Hayes, Ph.D., director of the LPRC. "The system or technology should protect the product from point of manufacture throughout the entire supply chain, and have no real negative impact on the consumer."

Products such as these would reportedly enable retailers to more openly merchandise products and minimize loss from shrink at the same time. Those interested in participating can contact Dr. Hayes at 352-215-7535 or via e-mail at read@lpresearch.org.