Portugal university designs its own IP surveillance system

The Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST), a leading school of engineering, science and technology in Lisbon, Portugal recently decided to design and implement its own IP video surveillance system with the help of IndigoVision, a UK-based .

To cover a campus that consists of 16 buildings and spans more than 650,000 square feet, the university installed 50 cameras to cover the outside areas and recently received approval to monitor inside the building, which will add another 60 cameras to the system.
The school’s security team is using IndigoVision’s Control Center security management software to monitor activity on the campus.

According to Joao B. Ferreira, an engineer with the IST department responsible for campus safety, the whole campus can now be monitored using a single Control Center workstation with four monitors.

“It was important for the university to have a flexible and scalable system that could be easily expanded in the future,” said Ferreira. “Following a public tender the university chose IndigoVision’s system as it provided by far the best price/performance and demonstrated excellent video quality, flexibility and data security. The distributed nature of the system made it easy for our own team to design a solution that could monitor the entire campus.”