JITC Approves Rivulet Solutions for Interoperability in DoD Networks

HERNDON, Va. , Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Rivulet Communications, whose technology enables users to flawlessly transport high-bandwidth, mission-critical and real-time applications over existing IP networks, today announced that it has successfully completed an interoperability assessment by the Defense Information Systems Agency's (DISA) Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) for its circuit emulation service solution. The JITC assessment is an essential component in ensuring that transport network elements of the Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) will fully interoperate. The rigorous JITC assessment has demonstrated that Rivulet's circuit emulation products successfully meet DISA's security and interoperability needs for deployment within the DISN.

"Rivulet is extremely pleased to have successfully completed the stringent JITC interoperability testing of our circuit emulation service," said Ed Kennedy , Rivulet president and CEO. "The JITC assessment strengthens Rivulet's ability to meet the circuit emulation and video-over-IP needs of the Defense Department and validates Rivulet's commitment to meeting the exacting requirements of our military. It demonstrates beyond question our ability to migrate legacy TDM and ATM networks to an all-IP infrastructure."

The JITC Assessment Report states that, "The Rivulet IES-500 and IES-100 devices are effective and capable of providing secure optical services and functions in accordance with applicable network standards when connected to the DISN. The Rivulet products follow a robust Defense-in-Depth design methodology, a clear indication IA (information assurance) was an integrated component of development early in the life-cycle."

"Rivulet should be held up to the industry as the way to prepare for JITC testing," said Chris Watkins , JITC's Outreach Director. "Demonstrating flawless circuit emulation services over IP networks and being the first company to implement an integrated security certificate management system illustrate that Rivulet's innovative technology is ready to be deployed within military and government networks."

In addition to Rivulet's benefits to military and government users, the JITC assessment validates for enterprise users the quality of service and transparent integration of Rivulet's solution into existing networks. Having met the exacting interoperability requirements for JITC approval, Rivulet has demonstrated its ability to perform flawlessly within the most demanding and complex networks.

The circuit emulation solution from Rivulet includes:

-- The Rivulet IP Endpoint Systems -- IES-150 and IES 500 -- which provides up to 20 peripheral interface ports to support a wide range of media types for demanding applications. Most types of equipment can connect to an IES-150 or an IES-500 through one of the available interface port types: TDM interfaces, high-quality video, and serial connections.

-- Rivulet's Serial Service Peripheral (SSP) card, which guarantees flawless transport of legacy serial traffic across your IP network. The SSP preserves the integrity of serial traffic, ensuring optimal performance of encryption devices, real-time control signaling, communications programs, and other serial devices.

-- Rivulet's T-1 Peripheral (T1P) card, which guarantees circuit-like performance over IP networks. T1P cards transparently connect T1 circuits over an IP network, allowing migration of legacy TDM and leased transport networks.

-- The Rivulet Global Manager (RGM), which provides remote or on-site point-and-click administration for all Rivulet services via a sophisticated GUI from ordinary PCs.

About Rivulet Communications

Headquartered in Virginia's Dulles Technology Corridor, Rivulet Communications offers a complete product suite that enables medical, government and enterprise customers to flawlessly transport high-bandwidth, mission-critical and real-time applications over existing IP networks. With Rivulet products, organizations can realize the economic benefits of IP-based convergence without compromising application quality or network utilization. Rivulet supports applications, including VoIP, video, ATM, and TDM (circuit emulation), in their native modes while guaranteeing a quality of service (QoS) equivalent to traditional TDM networks. For more information, please visit http://www.rivulet.com.

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