Telos offers updated Information Assurance training program

ASHBURN, Va. – February 17, 2009 –Telos Corporation will offer an updated two-day Information Assurance (IA) Training program beginning Wednesday, Feb. 18, for information security professionals. The updated course focuses on the new terminology and concepts identified in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-37, Revision 1, Initial Public Draft.

Training will address the basic concepts associated with security authorization, currently known as C&A, to include NIST’s Risk Management Framework (RMF), the associated six steps in the RMF security framework security lifecycle, and how the steps relate to the system development lifecycle and the existing NIST C&A process. The updated NIST course is particularly well suited for IA personnel in government and commercial organizations that have adopted the NIST 800 series of information security standards. The 800 series provides the foundation for FISMA compliance and the emerging Committee for National Security Systems (CNSS) standards for the intelligence community.

The NIST initiative involves an integrated RMF to standardize processes and guidelines for all federal information systems whenever possible. In-depth training will cover all of the core security essentials, including security authorization fundamentals, security definitions, authorization boundaries, threat identification, selection of security controls, controls assessment, risk management process overview, hands-on approach to applicable process phases, activities or steps, and development of a security authorization package. Participants will gain the skills necessary to construct security authorization programs for new or legacy information systems.

"Information security professionals face an overwhelming mission associated with the compliance of risk management and security authorization requirements mandated by public law and executive orders," said Ron Dorman, Vice President of Information Assurance for Telos. "We have developed an effective and affordable training program that gives these information security pros the skills that can really make a difference in building authorization programs. Telos is committed to providing top-quality NIST IA process training and is encouraged by the broad adoption and support that the NIST standards have received both inside and outside the federal government, including DoD agencies and the intelligence community."

Telos IA Training enables participants to thoroughly understand the applicable security authorization process affecting their IA workforces. The company’s professional instructors incorporate lecture and practical hands-on labs. Through interactive learning, participants will prepare a security authorization package, ensuring pertinent knowledge transfer is achieved. Telos has trained more than 5,000 information assurance professionals since 2001.

Classes will be offered monthly. To register, send e-mail to or call 1-877-409-2282. Complete details about training classes are available on Telos’ Website at .