Survey: 10 percent of teachers say schools not ready to protect students

As children head back to school this fall, the results of a new survey from ADT show that nearly 10 percent of teachers across the country don’t feel as though their schools are adequately prepared to protect students.

The “Back-to-School” survey, which was conducted by Zogby International, included responses from 400 K-12 teachers.

Among other survey findings included:

• Worry that students would bring a weapon onto the campus – 24 percent
• Students being involved with street gangs – 12 percent
• Worry about violence happening in other schools – 12 percent
• Not enough awareness of dangers to students on campus –10 percent

“As shown by the recent murder of a beloved high school football coach at a small town in Iowa or an assault by a student on a Philadelphia teacher, school violence is truly a national problem that affects all school districts,” ADT Public Safety Advisor Patrick Fiel said in a prepared statement. “When I travel around the country and talk with teachers, they consistently tell me about how much they welcome additional security planning and technology,”