ISC East security technology notes

Mail cleansers to CO detectors to even more impressive DVRs

System Sensor was show casing two new products at the show for you fire buffs. The CO1224T is a carbon monoxide detector with what they call “RealTest”. The thing about this detector, says System Sensor’s David George, is that it actually allows you to test the sensor to make sure it’s detecting CO. Most detectors, when running a test, are only checking the circuitry of the detector and not the actual “nose.” Now, with a bottle of CO (“Yes, the ‘silent killer’ is now available in a can,” jokes System Sensor’s Jackie Lorenty) and knowledge of the alert sequence on this detector, you can actually test to see whether the sensor is indeed sensing. Seems pretty simple, but apparently this is not the norm in the CO detection industry yet. System Sensor was also showcasing their newest iteration of the Innovair duct smoke detector. Highlights for this product include a new configuration which makes it easier to mount and connect than ever.

If you’re at all confused with the branding from Samsung GVI Security or even the now defunct Samsung 360, just head by these company’s booths. Samsung GVI is right where you come into the show in close proximity to the Napco booth, and Samsung Techwin is a little further back at booth 1165. The message I heard from both companies is that they want to explain to you, their customers and dealers, how they each differ. I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time at Samsung Techwin seeing the product line they launched last month, but the company rolled out a huge line of video products during the ASIS show, and they have those devices here. An interesting side note that I learned while talking to Samsung Techwin’s Bob McKee: Samsung is heavily involved in defense research and even has a strong robotics division. The “Techwin” group, of course, is interested in leveraging those research pursuits as well as the more commonly known video surveillance product lineups developed from within Samsung Electronics.

We reported during the ASIS show about JVC’s heavy focus on network video surveillance, and the company is back again with more to show at ISC East. The hot product(s) are their direct drive PTZ cameras. With a 36x optical zoom, 360 degrees of continuous camera rotation and the ability to stop on a dime, PoE (in select models) and a hot swappable design that was well-planned for installers, these cameras are getting a lot of attention. The V686 has the 36x zoom; its sibling, the V685, adds PoE, but reduces zoom to 27x (still quite strong!). If you recall from our ASIS notes, this is part of what the company calls its V.Networks IP video solutions line.

And finally, we close with something entirely different. On a whim, I popped into the booth of BioDefense Corporation where CEO Michael Lu and communications director Shaun Lennert showed me a unit designed to make mail safe. In about 45 minutes via all measures of irradiation and other techniques, the MailDefender takes three pounds of mail and makes it completely safe from any bio toxins. Sized about like a washing machine, the unit is heavy duty and shuts down contaminants like smallpox, anthrax, E. Coli, ricin, Ebola virus, Avian flu and more. Undoubtedly, the recent spree of hoax letters sent to U.S. banks and to Reuters news agency with some inert white powder is generating some interest for this specialty equipment.