SIA pushes for use of biometrics in E-Verify program

Following a recent report from the Government Accountability Office on challenges to improving the accuracy of the E-Verify program, which is designed to confirm an individual’s legal work status after their employment, the Security Industry Association issued a statement this week calling for the adoption of a biometric component to the system.

The GAO report found that errors still persist with the program, despite efforts by federal agencies to improve it. "Identity fraud remains a challenge in part because employers may not be able to determine if employees are presenting genuine identity and employment eligibility documents that are borrowed or stolen," the report stated.

In November, the SIA released a set of recommendations for the use of biometric technology in E-Verify that could help safeguard privacy and prevent identity theft.

"The Security Industry Association believes Congress can restore confidence in this program and our nation’s employee verification procedures by adopting a biometric component to the E-Verify program," said Robert Horton, director of marketing and communications for MorphoTrak and chairman of SIA’s Biometric Employment Verification Working Group. "SIA’s recommendation for an enhanced biometric document for use in vetting new employees will enhance privacy and reduce identity theft."

Click here to download a PDF (1.69 MB) copy of the full GAO report.