Security industry charity raises $24K for Haiti

Mission 500, a non-profit organization that "serves the needs of children and communities in crisis," has raised $24,250 to be used for relief work in Haiti. According to Mission 500, they raised $26,000 in the year 2010, and the new fundraising efforts from 2011 bring the total raised to over $50,000.

The funds were raised in conjunction with the ING Half Marathon, held in Miami this past month, and the fundraising was part of a larger effort with World Vision, a non-profit group with similar goals as Mission 500. According to a letter from Mission 500, the race saw participation from "runners and some friends and family from the security industry in South Florida."

Mission 500's charity fundraising typically comes from corporate sponsors, but the organization encourages individual donations as well.

The organization also hosts a charity 5K foot race at the ISC West tradeshow in Las Vegas; 2011 will be the second running of that race. More information on the organization is available at Mission 500's website.