The security week that was: 03/19/10

Getting ready for ISC West 2010

With just three business days before ISC West 2010 kicks off in Las Vegas, the team is scrambling to post information on scores of new products being launched at the show and related industry news. On the product side, we're closely watching the SIA New Product Showcase (see our article about the New Product Showcase), and we've done a video run-through of some of the hot products in the competition (watch video).

In terms of training, we encourage you to check out BP.IP, the "Best Practices for IP" technology lab that Security Technology Executive magazine contributing editor Ray Bernard is hosting every afternoon of the show. For more information, visit their website, read our article, or listen to our 10-minute podcast on the same subject.

You can track all of our ISC West 2010 coverage at our ISC West 2010 coverage page (Live from the Show Floor: ISC West 2010), but you're also invited to tune in for our live video broadcast of the ISC West 2010 keynote panel featuring Sandy Jones, Bill Bozeman, Richard Chace, Ed Bonifas, and Lynn Mattice on Wednesday, March 24, 2010, at 9 a.m. PT/12 noon ET. We'll be streaming web-quality video of this keynote panel via our website at our newly launched SIW TV web page.

A lot of people use our industry's top tradeshows as barometers for the health of the industry, and while that may be a very inexact science, we're seeing a lot of new products coming out this year at the show. ISC West's origins are in the alarm systems market, and that hasn't changed based on the pre-show news we're hearing in terms of product launches. Video surveillance certainly has eclipsed alarm systems as the product focus of this show, and the product news we are being piped from the manufacturers certainly reiterates that point. The focus seems to be on 2nd and 3rd generation IP camera releases, expanded VMS offerings, and a host of offerings related to video surveillance as a service (VSaaS).

SBInet gets the 1-2 punch
Virtual border is down and probably out for the count

SBInet really hasn't received the love. This is (was?) the high-tech virtual border fence initiative that was going to tie in sensor data from cameras, intrusion detectors, radar and more for the Border Patrol along our nation's southern border. The project went way over budget, and what we've continued to hear is that a chief problem was that the main software they needed to integrate for command and control simply didn't support such complex data streams and data relationships. However, in an article from the Associated Press, the two hang-ups for one section of the virtual border were said to be the video recording equipment and outdoor sensors that gave to many false readings. Now, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano has said she will freeze funding for this program, and two House subcommittees have given SBInet a vote of no confidence as well. The program was being managed by Boeing. Even Arizona senator John McCain has praised Napolitano's freeze of the program, and he further lauded Napolitano for focusing the money instead on commercially available technologies that are proven -- but which will not be integrated. Maybe integration will come next decade...

Upcoming events for security pros
Webinars on city surveillance, IP video transitions, College campus security...

On Thursday, we had Mark Wilson of Infinova, Dr. Bob Banerjee of NICE Systems and Louis Noriega of the Port of Miami speak about making the transition from analog to IP video. These speakers did a great job of keeping the hype out of the program and talking realistically about what needs to happen for end-users to make the transition. The 1-hour webinar is archived and available for viewing by all who are interested. Next up on our webinar program is the "Convergent Campus" program being put together by Cisco. Our speakers will look at campus one-card initiatives, biometrics on campus and how video, access and other security data can be tied together. Register for the "Convergent Campus" program today.

April 22, 2010, will bring us another webinar on IP video, featuring Infinova and Milestone Systems, and next up after that is part 2 of our 2009 webinar program Municipal Surveillance Solutions. Put May 6, 2010, on your calendar for this training program featuring the City of Atlanta's Downtown Improvement District.

In other news
Va. Tech deals with online threats, Stanley update, Tri-Ed and Northern Video together, more...

Virginia Tech is responding to online threats of violence. ... Stanley's Tony Byerly is now also in charge of the firm's UK direct business. ... S2 integrates with Mercury panels. ... Tri-Ed and Northern Video Systems are going to be merged by a private equity firm. ... An anti-biometrics bill was defeated in New Hampshire.