Silicon Graphics Launches Visual Solution for 'Complex Event Processing'

SUNNYVALE, Calif. , Oct. 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Silicon Graphics, Inc. (Nasdaq: SGIC) today announced the availability of EventVUE(TM), its new real-time visual solution for Complex Event Processing (CEP). EventVUE software blends the company's uniquely scalable Intel(R)- and Linux(R)-based servers, storage, and visualization solutions with its real-time software extensions to Linux and years of professional services expertise in creating immersive Reality Center(R) visual environments.

Unveiled today along with Silicon Graphics(R) VUE, a suite of software visualization solutions that changes the way you create, distribute and use visual information, EventVUE integrates multiple data sources and processing elements in five layers:

-- Physical: Links various data sources, including live situational reports (SITREPS), historical data, sensors, satellites, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and growing numbers of video surveillance cameras

-- Semantic: Maps and graphically connects information based on the ontological (or contextual) meaning of each piece of data

-- Geospatial: Tracks location and movement of assets, threats, and data sources

-- Analytic: Provides complex analysis via rule-based data correlation for unprecedented visibility and situational awareness of people, infrastructures, communications, facilities and vehicle movement

-- Visual: Visually represents the salient points to give decision-makers a 360-degree view of complex events and to avoid perception overload

Silicon Graphics EventVUE monitors key thresholds in real time to trigger data flow and processing according to pre-determined policies, so leaders are alerted to potential threats in time to take action.

To deliver EventVUE, Silicon Graphics is tapping into its vast visualization software capabilities while establishing strategic alliances with key software providers, including:

-- An agreement with Coral8, Inc. whereby Silicon Graphics will integrate and package Coral8 CEP software with SGI(R) Altix(R) servers. (See related announcement.)

-- An alliance with Ontoprise GmbH formed to provide a superior data ontology capability that addresses customer needs for Semantic Web and Business Intelligence (BI) applications in an integrated CEP workflow.

The agreements enable Silicon Graphics and its EventVUE solution to speed the deployment of real-time, mission-critical data analysis applications on a wide scale, from command and control facilities to the field.


-- "Providing actionable intelligence in 3D visual context is a game changer. Everyone is operating in an environment where information overload is the norm. When the operating environment is mission-critical, real-time surveillance, data analysis, and alerting are crucial to warfighter success. The returns on investment (ROI) in these scenarios are lives saved, assets protected, and security preserved," said Robert Robbins , Director of Defense and Strategic Systems, Silicon Graphics. "The Silicon Graphics EventVUE solution brings together the necessary technologies and professional services to build an integrated capability for Government, Defense and Homeland Security leaders who need to observe, orient, communicate - and act - decisively."

More on Silicon Graphics EventVUE:

-- Silicon Graphics EventVUE has been optimized for Intel(R) Itanium(R) processors, which enable applications to take maximum advantage of the high- throughput, shared-memory SGI Altix architecture.

-- Outstanding performance has also been demonstrated on SGI systems based on Intel(R) x86 processors, including SGI(R) Altix(R) XE and SGI(R) Altix(R) ICE servers.

-- For more details visit:

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