GigaKom installs IP surveillance system at Belmont Park

GigaKom, a San Diego, California-based IT solutions company recently announced the installation of a 50 camera IP surveillance system at Belmont Park, located in Mission Beach, Calif.

The system, which is comprised of AXIS network cameras and Milestone surveillance software, will watch over the historic park that features various amusement rides, shops and restaurants.

Due to the open layout of the park, one of the challenges of the project was providing the park with the right surveillance solutions that could efficiently cover the area.

“Belmont Park had a need to survey a wide range of area, in a challenging architectural layout. Camera selection, placement and LAN performance were crucial factors,” said GigaKom CEO Andrej Komatina in a prepared statement. “Our ability to deliver optimal performance demonstrates our commitment to providing solutions that work well and meet the most challenging needs.”