Prohibitive biometrics bill defeated in New Hampshire

A bill that would have prevented government agencies and private entities in New Hampshire from using biometrics as part of identification cards has been defeated by a margin of 267-39 in the state legislature.

The bill was defeated following lobbying efforts by the Security Industry Association.

According to a statement issued by the association, SIA Director of Government Relations Don Erickson met this week with the bill’s sponsor, as well as other lawmakers prior to the vote. In February, the SIA also sent a statement to committee reviewing the bill.

"We are very pleased that New Hampshire residents will not be denied the use of this important security technology," Erickson said. "This bill grew out of misperceptions regarding supposed threats to privacy, but biometrics can make people safer while, at the same time, protecting their identities. We thank the lawmakers who voted against the legislation for their support."