MIPS event gives inside look at Milestone Systems

Company reaffirms focus on openness for systems, devices and new security system integrations

"We just typed in the IP address of the DVR, logged in, and it worked," said Alex Bratton, Lextech Lab's founder and CEO. "We proved that the Milestone software worked -- that it was already integrated."

The iPhone immediately pulled up the video video and all were immediately watching and controlling the surveillance cameras at a JVC location on the East Coast. An icon on the Lextech software indicated whether it was a PTZ, and with their fingers, Bratton and JVC's National Marketing Manager Geoff Anderson were zooming and panning a camera around a parking lot -- without much notable lag and with very good video quality.

"It's a testament to companies like Milestone and Lextech Labs that we can do this," said JVC's Geoff Anderson. "This is what MIPS is all about."