Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma extends Axis camera deployment

Axis Communications announced Monday that the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, the third largest tribe in the U.S., has expanded its use of Axis network video cameras to include more than 1,000 cameras at six casinos.

Prior to 2006, the Choctaw casinos used analog solutions, comprised of analog cameras and monitors, co-axial cabling, multiplexers, time-lapse VCR’s and video tape. The tribe decided to move to IP video because its video recordings were not of high enough quality and some video recordings were not good enough to be used as evidence for the prosecution of certain events. In addition, they could not determine insurance coverage for slips and falls and other safety concerns.

“We are focused on protecting our assets and ensuring the safety of our staff and customers,” said Paula Penz, Gaming Commissioner for Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. “And we found that Axis network cameras best met our needs.”

The future will bring an expansion of Axis capabilities since the Choctaw Nation is planning to build four new casinos by next year, including McAlester, Grant, Stringtown and a new expansion at Durant. That may result in the eventual installation of 3,000 network cameras or more at all of its properties.