The security week that was: 08/14/09

IP video standards update

IP video standards got a shot in the arm this week when PSIA held a demonstration of its v1.0 IP Media Device specification. The demo showed an IQinVision megapixel camera connecting to a Milestone Systems XProtect Enterprise video management system for recording -- all done through the PSIA spec. What the demonstration means is that the spec can work, and I think it gives confidence to other camera and recording system vendors to begin developing their systems to support standards and specs released by such groups as PSIA, ONVIF and even SIA. More importantly, I think it gives us a little bit of a gaze into a crystal ball for the future of the industry, because it offers the possibility of eliminating time-consuming efforts of getting recorders and cameras to recognize each other, and that pays dividends in time savings for integrators doing IP video (and one could assume that means cost savings for end users).

Of course, our friend John Honovich from gave us the dose of reality that such news needs, when he noted that an interoperability test between two vendors using one VMS and one camera doesn't guarantee full success. Basically, John was saying that standards aren't on "Easy Street" yet, and that product manufacturers will face a lot more testing and engineering efforts to get these standards fully implemented so that we truly see interoperability across many, many different manufacturers.

New Jersey stays inside NBFAA
Members say 'yes' to national affiliation

The New Jersey Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NJBFAA) allowed its members to vote earlier this week on whether to remain in the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association, and the vote affirmed continued membership in the national association. The issue had started with some members questioning whether the NBFAA was giving its New Jersey chapter enough support on code issues. As it stands, the vote kept the NBFAA strong with 31 chapters across the nation, and kept in one of the association's five largest state chapters. In the end, it seemed that most of New Jersey's members recognized that there was real value associated with the national organization.


Finding fault in a false alarm ordinance
Fort Lauderdale's practices for fining false alarms raises questions

Fort Lauderdale residents and business owners may have been overcharged for false burglar and fire alarms. The report from the South Florida Times found that fines for false alarms weren't consistent with the actual costs associated with responding to the alarms, and that the city had overcharged more than $450,000 in 2008 for false alarm calls. At issue is that the fines are higher than the city's cost to respond, and that there wasn't a process to challenge the fines.


In other news
Pelco's cameras get analytics; eliminating alien crosstalk, angry villagers and more

Pelco's Sarix megapixel cameras can now have video analytics embedded into the cameras; the analytics are from ObjectVideo. ... The Port of Miami has deployed a new IP video system, using technology from NICE Systems. ... Dan Payerle of IDEAL Industries discusses how to eliminate alien crosstalk in 10GBASE-T networks. ... Security guards at the construction site for a power plant in India were unable to repel angry villagers, who then damaged equipment and other property. ... A London store was robbed for $65 million worth of jewelry; one suspect has already been arrested.