UPM Raflatac to use HID Global technology

Secure identity products manufacturer HID Global announced Wednesday that is has entered into a technology license agreement with RFID solutions provider UPM Raflatac.

As part of the agreement, UPM will incorporate HID’s secure RFID sealing label technology into its product line.

According to HID, the agreement is part of its patent portfolio licensing and Genuine HID initiatives and will take part in two phases. In the first phase, UPM will incorporate HID’s technology into tamperproof RFID sealing tags for liquid containers. The second phase will consist of UPM extending the use of HID’s technology to other market sectors.

"HID Global’s intellectual property portfolio continues to grow due to an increased emphasis on protecting our innovation as well as a number of mergers and acquisitions," said Dr. Tam Hulusi, senior vice president, strategic innovation and intellectual property at HID Global. "As part of our Genuine HID mission to continually create and enhance customer value, HID extends technology licensing opportunities to partners assisting them in meeting and exceeding their customers’ evolving requirements."