Attorney General Mukasey Recognizes Department Employees and Others for Their Service at Annual Awards Ceremony

WASHINGTON , Oct. 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey recognized 250 Department employees for their distinguished public service today at the 56th Annual Attorney General Awards Ceremony. Twenty-two other individuals...

Marques and Jeansonne were honored for their courageous response and actions on April 20, 2007 , at the U.S. penitentiary in Pollock, La. Marques was the first responder to a volatile confrontation among 250 inmates that occurred in the area where Jeansonne was working. Marques contained the crowd while being subjected to assaults by inmates. Jeansonne came to Marques' aid and together they defused the situation by establishing locked barriers between two inmate factions and calming the disturbance in the food service area. Due to their leadership, courage, communication skills and effective rapport with the inmate population, there were minimal inmate injuries and no staff injuries.

The Edward H. Levi Award for Outstanding Professionalism and Exemplary Integrity was presented to pay tribute to the memory and achievements of former Attorney General Edward H. Levi , whose career as an attorney, law professor and dean, and public servant exemplified these qualities in the best traditions of the Department. David Margolis , Associate Deputy Attorney General for the Office of the Deputy Attorney General, is presented the award this year.

Margolis has been a federal prosecutor for more than 40 years and has brought his experience to a wide array of responsibilities in the Office of the Deputy Attorney General. Margolis has been called upon by the Department's leadership to handle some of the most sensitive criminal matters. The contributions that Margolis has made are not simply characterized by his length of service, but by his impact on the Department's policies and practices, his integrity and reliability, and his dedication to the cause of justice.

The Mary C. Lawton Lifetime Service Award recognizes employees who have served at least 20 years in the Department and have demonstrated high standards of excellence and dedication throughout their careers. This year's award was presented to Douglas C. Moore , Special Agent from the St. Paul, Minn. , Division for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Moore, a nationally recognized expert in the field of fire and explosives investigations, has repeatedly been called to duty during some of the nation's most turbulent times. In his 31-year career, Moore has conducted investigations surrounding the 1992 Los Angeles riots, the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building, the 1996 Summer Olympics bombing in Atlanta and the Unabomber attacks. He has been the authority on determining the origin and cause of approximately 627 fire scenes, and others in his field seek to learn from him.

The William French Smith Award for Outstanding Contributions to Cooperative Law Enforcement is an honorary award granted to recognize state and local law enforcement officials who have made significant contributions to cooperative law enforcement endeavors. This year's award is presented to John R. Chella , Commissioner Niagara Falls, N.Y. Police Department; John C. Askey , Chief of Police Amherst, Mass. Police Department; Timothy B. Howard , Sheriff Erie County, N.Y. ; and Andrew Cuomo , Attorney General State of New York, for their formation and implementation of the Western New York Regional Computer Forensic Lab.

The Attorney General's Award for Meritorious Public Service is the top public service award granted by the Department, and is designed to recognize the most significant contributions of citizens and organizations that have assisted the Department in the accomplishment of its mission and objectives. This year's award was presented to a team from America's Most Wanted. Recipients include John E. Walsh , Host; Lance Heflin , Executive Producer; Stephen J. Katz , Supervising Producer; Anthony B. Zanelotti , Director; Avery D. Mann , Publicist; and Gregory Ross Klein , Creative Producer.

The Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service is the Department's second highest award for employee performance. The recipients of this award exemplify the highest commitment to the Department's mission. Seventeen Distinguished Service Awards were presented this year to individuals or teams of people.

One award was presented to a team for their exceptional achievement and exemplary efforts in the prosecution of four wildlife smuggling rings - two based in Mexico and two in China - engaged in illegal trafficking of endangered or otherwise protected sea turtles and other protected species. Recipients were, from the Environment and Natural Resources Division, Environmental Crimes Section of the Department of Justice, Robert S. Anderson , Senior Trial Attorney; Colin L. Black , Trial Attorney; Stephen J. Foster , Paralegal Specialist; and from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Colorado , Linda A. McMahan , Assistant U.S. Attorney. These prosecutions brought greater scrutiny at home and abroad on the problem of transnational illegal wildlife trade.