Attorney General Mukasey Recognizes Department Employees and Others for Their Service at Annual Awards Ceremony

WASHINGTON , Oct. 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey recognized 250 Department employees for their distinguished public service today at the 56th Annual Attorney General Awards Ceremony. Twenty-two other individuals...

The group responsible for the prosecution of United States v. Bartlett , et al. was awarded the Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service for their work on this high-profile criminal civil rights prosecution in which seven Milwaukee police officers were convicted of brutally assaulting two young black men whom they had falsely accused of a crime. Recipients were, from the Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, Deputy Chief Stephen J. Curran and Trial Attorney Edward G. Caspar ; from the FBI Milwaukee Division, Special Agents Mark A. Robel , George R. Strong and Wayne E. Jackowski ; from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Wisconsin , Assistant U.S. Attorneys Mel S. Johnson and Carol L. Kraft ; and Paralegal Specialist Theresa L. Kneser .

Another Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service was presented to Trial Attorneys William D. Dillon and Deana L. Timberlake-Wiley from the Antitrust Division's Atlanta Field Office; Special Agents Thomas M. Mayhall and Barbee A. Bryant , FBI White Collar Crime Squad. The team was honored for the successful prosecution and conviction of 21 defendants - five corporations and 16 individuals - who were charged with multiple counts of conspiracy to commit bribery, honest services mail fraud, and obstruction of justice in connection with a bribery and kickback scheme that subverted the competitive bid process with respect to sewer rehabilitation contracts in Jefferson County, Ala. In November 2007 , the sentencing of all 21 defendants was completed, resulting in a total of $45,714,133 in criminal fines, 16,375 jail days and $2,315,825 in restitution to Jefferson County .

Also awarded the Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service was from the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS), Gary R. DiMartino , Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal, District of New Hampshire ; from the USMS Investigative Operations Division, Regional Field Chief David M. Dimmitt , Chief Inspectors William J. Sorukas Jr. , John M. Cuff , Joseph M. Parker and Andre J. LaBier ; Inspector Wayne S. Warren ; Commander David K. Robertson , Special Operations Group, Technical Operations Division; Special Deputy U.S. Marshal Jeffery M. May , Southeast Regional Task Force; Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal W. S. Robertson Middle District of Georgia ; and from the Plainfield, N.H. , Police Department, Chief Gordon A. Gillens . The team is recognized for their outstanding leadership and management of the investigation and apprehension of dangerous fugitives Ed and Elaine Brown . Due to the team's professional management and careful planning, the arrest of these armed fugitives was without incident or injury.

Laura E. Duffy , Assistant U.S. Attorney from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of California , was awarded the Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service for her exceptional leadership, skill and tenacity, which resulted in extraditions and successful prosecutions of the leadership of the Arellano-Felix Organization (AFO) drug cartel. Through 12 years of determination, Duffy provided the continuity and focus necessary for a team of devoted agents and prosecutors to dismantle the AFO. Duffy's work represents a fine example of commitment and dedication by an outstanding federal prosecutor serving the people of the United States .

Another Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service was awarded to Richard Farber , Senior Counsel for Appellate Matters, Appellate Section of the Tax Division of the Department of Justice. Farber was recognized for his distinguished service in supervising the government's appellate litigation against abusive corporate tax shelters, resulting in landmark appellate victories in the Black & Decker, Coltec, Dow Chemical and Cemco cases. In all four cases, Farber demonstrated his ability to make even the most complex facts and tax concepts clear and understandable. Due in substantial part to his efforts, the government prevailed on appeal in all four of these cases. These victories turned the tide in the government's ongoing battle against abusive tax shelters, saved billions of dollars in tax revenues and helped to restore public confidence in the basic fairness of the nation's tax system.

Carl Ghattas , Supervisory Special Agent, Counterterrorism Division; Carolyn J. Murphy Special Agent, FBI Washington Field Office; and Harry G. Temple were awarded the Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service for their work on a highly sensitive operation. This team displayed exceptional professionalism and leadership in overcoming difficulties and differences. Their efforts resulted in better relations between agencies, and the operational plan they created jointly fostered an atmosphere of unprecedented cooperation.