Attorney General Mukasey Recognizes Department Employees and Others for Their Service at Annual Awards Ceremony

WASHINGTON , Oct. 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey recognized 250 Department employees for their distinguished public service today at the 56th Annual Attorney General Awards Ceremony. Twenty-two other individuals...

Irene S. Hernandez , was awarded the Attorney General's Award for Excellence in Management for her stellar performance while serving as the acting Director of the National Drug Intelligence Center. Hernandez accepted the challenges and responsibilities of overseeing the production of 37 major drug reports, which provided a strategic overview of the illicit drug situation and highlighted significant drug trends.

Another Attorney General's Award for Excellence in Management was presented to Chief Daire R. McCabe and former Chief Patricia Makely , Acquisitions Services, Library Staff, Justice Management Division, for their management of the library acquisitions program. Working as a team, they have managed an $11 million acquisition program, acquiring library paper and electronic resources for many Department components, including all seven library locations and collections, the U.S. Attorneys' offices across the country and the 700 libraries of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Linda G. Rudolph , Administrative Officer, USMS, Eastern District of New York , also received the Attorney General's Award for Excellence in Management. Rudolph has served for more than 30 years with the USMS and 37 years with the federal government. Most recently, she rose to the challenge of developing policy and procedures for the asset forfeiture program in her district, managing $115 million in assets. Rudolph possesses a leadership style distinguished by her professionalism, commitment to others and devotion to service.

The Attorney General's Award for Excellence in Information Technology recognizes outstanding achievements in applying information technology to improve operations and productivity, reduce or avoid costs and solve problems.

ATF employees W. Larry Bell , Deputy Assistant Director, Office of Science and Technology; Hugo J. Barrera , Deputy Assistant Director, Office of Strategic Intelligence and Information; Larry D. Slaughter , Chief, Planning and Architecture Branch; Kannatis B. Crawford , Telecommunications Manager, Office of Science and Technology; Barbara A. Wright , Section Chief, Resource Management Domain Section, were presented the Attorney General's Award for Excellence in Information Technology for the development of the Wireless Portal, which has revolutionized the communication system of field agents at ATF.

An additional Attorney General's Award for Excellence in Information Technology was awarded to employees from the Office of the Federal Detention Trustee, Claudia Hill-Bickham , Assistant Trustee; Theodric Anderson , Senior Detention Facility Program Manager; James J. Morgan , Detention Facility Program Manager; Michael Thomas , Facilities Program Specialist; Brian J. Coady , Project Manager; and Shannon B. Brown , Chief Information Officer, for implementing the Facility Review Management System.

The Attorney General's Award for Excellence in Furthering the Interests of U.S. National Security recognizes outstanding achievements and contributions towards protecting U.S. national security. Recipients were, from the FBI San Francisco Division, Charles J. Esposito Jr. , Supervisory Special Agent; Special Agents Donaldo Wilson , Mark K. Hammell , Sang T. Jung (deceased), Scott Rakowitz , Elvis M. Chan , Y.J.M. Mihara-Meer , Darrell Aquin and David S. Parnell ; Language Specialists Nadia S. Nettleton and Marion L. Butros ; Intelligence Analyst Dina Badawy ; from the FBI Salt Lake City, Utah , Division, Language Specialist Assaad E. Chalhoub ; and from the FBI Counterterrorism Division, Special Agent Sanjay Virmani and Intelligence Analyst Sarah E. Marconi .

This team was recognized for establishing one of the first cyber-counterterrorism investigations of its kind in the FBI, proactively addressing not only terrorist cyber threats, but also their use of our Internet infrastructure to facilitate their attacks. The team immersed itself in the terrorist cyber realm, identifying and analyzing the terrorists' use of the Internet for command, control, and communication and as an attack vector. The investigation uncovered hundreds of cyber attacks against U.S.-based networks and identified those responsible. Additionally, the intelligence gained has lent vital support to the war on terrorism as it has led to the arrest and neutralization of numerous known or suspected terrorists.