VideoIQ Unveils SDK for iCVR

SureView and VidSys Become First Technology Partners to Seamlessly Integrate with World's First and Only Intelligent Camera with Built-in DVR

BEDFORD, Mass. , Feb. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- VideoIQ, the inventor of the world's first and only intelligent surveillance camera with a built-in DVR, today announced the availability of its Software Development Kit (SDK) for the VideoIQ iCVR. The VideoIQ SDK provides technology partners, such as those offering video management, access control, command and control, central station monitoring and physical security information management systems, with the ability to seamlessly integrate their solutions with the VideoIQ iCVR to deliver a new level of intelligence and proactive protection to customer sites. SureView Systems and VidSys are the first partners to integrate the iCVR capabilities into their own offerings.

The VideoIQ iCVR combines automated event detection, a built-in DVR and intelligent networking into a single IP camera -- all driven by next-generation analytics. This combination solves the well-known bandwidth and storage problems of IP cameras. The iCVR is the only solution in the industry that requires absolutely no tuning or calibration -- users can simply plug it in and begin using it immediately.

"The introduction of our SDK marks our deep commitment to interoperability and to providing our partners and customers with easy access and use of our intelligent, feature-rich surveillance solutions," said Scott Schnell , president and CEO of VideoIQ. "With the VideoIQ SDK, we are broadening our reach in the market while simultaneously providing our customers with the choices they are seeking in managing their video surveillance environments."

SureView and VidSys First to Integrate

The VideoIQ SDK makes it possible for complementary solution providers to integrate the use of VideoIQ's intelligent video surveillance into their own solutions. The release of the SDK is highly anticipated and already in demand throughout the IP video surveillance industry. More than a dozen companies have started working with the SDK, including access control, video management systems, command and control, and security systems integration businesses.

SureView Systems, a monitoring software provider, has already successfully integrated the VideoIQ iCVR capabilities with its Immix software which brings integrated intelligent video, event-driven security and management control to any central monitoring station. As a result, customers are able to leverage the combined solution for remote guarding, gaining new levels of efficiency by giving a single guard the ability to monitor hundreds or even thousands of intelligent cameras more effectively than they could with just a few cameras in the past.

"The VideoIQ iCVR detects potential security threats instantly, alerting remote guards and enabling them to respond to situations no matter where they're physically located," said Matt Krebs , executive vice president for SureView Systems. "With the integration of VideoIQ, the Immix platform will enable customers to successfully adopt remote guarding, reducing instances of crime as well as their operational expenses."

Additionally, VidSys, a leading provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, has integrated the iCVR with its PSIM platform to enable customers to seamlessly add VideoIQ to their security infrastructure while maintaining the central management needed to maintain situational analysis across heterogeneous security environments.

"Customers have continually relied on VidSys' PSIM platform for situation management to help them proactively analyze and manage security threats in real time across their organizations," said Chuck Teubner , chairman and chief executive officer, VidSys, Inc. "Now with support for the VideoIQ's iCVR next-generation intelligent video solution, organizations get the benefit of real time analysis at the edge and in the command center, allowing them to spot problems faster, visually verify situations instantly, and respond quicker and more effectively."

iCVR SDK Offers Rich Feature Set

Among the many features and benefits included in the VideoIQ SDK are:


The VideoIQ iCVR SDK is available immediately. Parties interested in obtaining it for integration can contact

About VideoIQ

VideoIQ is the inventor of the world's first and only intelligent surveillance camera with a built-in DVR. The VideoIQ iCVR combines automated event detection, a built-in DVR and integrated video management into a single solution -- all driven by next-generation analytics. The result is the simplest, most proactive video surveillance solution- with a low TCO -- to keep your organization and its most important assets safe, whether you need one camera or 1,000. Additionally, the VideoIQ HD family of video analyzers delivers the industry's best detection accuracy for conventional analog cameras of all types, requiring human response only when a real event takes place. The company is backed by top-tier investors Atlas Venture, Lehman Brothers and Matrix Partners. Learn more at