New Jersey chapter votes to stay a chapter of NBFAA

Despite questions from members on whether they were getting value out of affiliating their state association with the national, members of the New Jersey Burglar & Fire Alarm Association voted Tuesday night to stay a part of the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association.

"The NJBFAA is pleased this meeting turned out to be a win-win for both organizations. The members have spoken. The leadership for both groups will move forward in an effort to strengthen the relationship, keep the lines of communication open and continue to do what's best for the dealers," said NJBFAA's President Christopher Mack, who previously told SIW that the vote only came up at the request of members.

NBFAA President Mike Miller said he was also pleased with the outcome of the vote.

"NBFAA is gratified that New Jersey will retain its chapter status in our national alliance," said Miller. "Our strength is our ability to influence issues across the country for the benefit of all members, and the re-commitment of NJBFAA reinforces our ability to do this."

Previously questioned by members were both dues to the national association and the support they were receiving on a smoke detector code issue that was first enforced in New Jersey.

According to the NBFAA, the national association has 31 chapters. [See previous SIW story on this vote.]