Survey: Disaster recovery a bigger priority than data security

Despite the ever increasing threat of cyber attacks and hackers, business leaders who recently took part in a Honeywell-sponsored survey say that disaster recovery planning and preparedness are a bigger priority than securing their networks.

Of the more than 400 corporate executives who took part in the survey entitled, “2009-2010 Preparedness, Security and Crisis Communications,” 55 percent said a pandemic was the biggest threat to their organization. Natural disaster was ranked second by executives with 52 percent, followed by data security and telecom failure/power outages, which received 35 and 45 percent respectively. Both data security and telecom failure/power outages were ranked as top threats in 2008.

A majority of respondents also reported having plans in place to deal with pandemics (73 percent) and natural disasters (82 percent). Business prepared to deal with cyber issues was much lower with only 60 percent saying that they were prepared to deal with data center disruptions and only 53 percent prepared for data breaches. Only 46 percent said they were prepared for a cyber attack.

"Traditionally, disaster recovery has focused on IT, data and infrastructure threats, but there’s now broader recognition that other threats — such as pandemic or natural disaster — are just as serious and have a wider impact," said Vern Cole, chief security officer for Varolii Corporation, which conducted the survey. "Organizations are now planning for those threats with more sophisticated notifications systems, broader communication of information and increased attention from top corporate executives. While we don’t want to lose sight of the consequences of cyber attacks or a data center failure, the increased attention to the human side of emergency preparedness is a very positive trend."

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