China Unicom to deploy more than 80K HID smart card readers

Secure identity systems manufacturer HID Global announced this week that 80,000 of its OMNIKEY 1021 desktop smart card readers will be deployed by telecommunications firm China Unicom at its stores in more than 20 provinces and cities across China.

According to a statement issued by the company, the HID readers will help China Unicom simplify the SIM card issuance process and improve the efficiency of frontline customer service staff.

"Desktop smart card readers are the management tool that telecommunications operators will heavily invest in. As our operations and customers span across the country, we needed a system that offered a high level of compatibility along with reliable quality and ease of use," said Gu Dingming, China Unicom’s business supervisor. "The OMNIKEY 1021 desktop smart card reader encompasses powerful features, high data transmission speed and fast read/write capability, enabling a quick turnaround time at the frontline. Additionally, the reader supports major operating systems, from Windows platforms to Linux and Mac OS. By the time we need to upgrade the system, we can simply download firmware updates online without the frustration of installing new readers or replacing any parts."

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