The security week that was: 03/12/10

A weekly surveillance of the news shaping your profession

Episode 50 of SIW Radio, our audio podcast program, looks at "BPforIP" -- best practices for IP. We interview Secorix's Rodney Thayer and STE magazine author Ray Bernard about vulnerabilities for IP-connected security systems. These podcast speakers are hosting a tech lab and seminar at ISC West on the same topic. Get more info on the seminar at ... The big business news of the week is the $25 million funding round that Pivot3 has received. Hear what they're doing with that money. ... Obama is moving again to get some leadership at the TSA; he nominated General Robert A. Harding to fill the top post. ... Axis' James Marcella writes on why more storage on flash memory cards and more processing power in cameras could potentially change the architecture of video surveillance systems.