Report: More than 50 percent of IP cams to be megapixel or HD by 2014

According to the findings of a new report published this week by IMS Research, more than 50 percent of all network cameras shipped by 2014 will be high definition or megapixel models.

Though there has been a variety of HD and megapixel models available when it comes to network cameras, the report, "The World Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment – 2010 Edition," credits the HDcctv Alliance with providing consumers with greater choice when it comes to specifying megapixel and HD surveillance requirements through the development of a high definition-over-coax standard for analog systems. Despite this development, the report predicts that shipments of megapixel and HD network cameras will outnumber sales of HDcctv-compliant cameras by a 6-to-1 ratio.

"HDcctv cameras will not impact the uptake of IP cameras in the short term," said research analyst and report author Gary Wong in a statement. "Many large and well-known vendors of video surveillance equipment have already invested heavily in developing and marketing network security cameras. It is unlikely that these vendors will adjust their technology roadmaps and marketing messages to accommodate HDcctv products into their product portfolios in the near future."

Wong added that while HDcctv cameras could limit the available market for megapixel and HD IP cameras, they won’t have the same impact on enterprise-class projects due to a "lack of recognized brand exposure."

"HDcctv may gain traction in the low and middle segments of the market. These market segments are serviced by small, local and regional security systems installers who have generally been slow to embrace network security cameras. HDcctv allows installers to offer the benefits of HD to their customers without having to operate outside of their technical comfort zone," he said.

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