SIA unveils new logo

The Security Industry Association unveiled a new logo on Monday, which is says representative of a new era for the association.

According to a statement, each component of the new logo conveys meaning related to the SIA’s mission. Among the meanings of these components include:

- The shield represents protection and defense, both in terms of security companies offering protection to their users and SIA defending the business interests of its members.
- The eagle symbolizes the strength that comes from good security and SIA’s support.
- The laurels denote the leadership SIA provides in its service to the security industry.
- The stars represent SIA’s five core areas of education, government relations, international relations, research and standards.
- The compass points are indicative of SIA’s global reach and influence.

The Latin phrase located at the bottom of the logo, "Virtus Per Securitatem," translates to "Strength Through Security." The association said that members can request a new logo to put on their websites and newsletters to display their affiliation with the SIA.

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